Bodes LogoI live in a very small village in Northern New Mexico called Cañones. I believe there are about 200 residents. I sleep in an 1840 adobe farmhouse with walls so thick I have a hard time getting internet. When I walk outside my front door I have a perfect view of Cerro Pedernal and can feel its spirit. There is one road in and the same road out. It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

When Tom and I need a bit of entertainment we head to Abiquiu. The scenic drive takes about 15 minutes.  Arriving at the store we wander the aisles, order some food and sit out front on the big wooden bench and watch people go by. We consider it ”our town”.

I am a foodie and a realtor. This blog is mostly about food and I thought it apropos that Bodes be the first place I write about. No it is not a 5 star restaurant but it does have two items available that I  look forward to munching  whenever I visit. I have not sampled everything on the menu and this is not a restaurant review. I am simply passing on to you a recommendation for a plate of food worth going out of your way for.

Turkey BLT with Avocado on Sourdough bread…absolutely perfect!

Green Chile Posole Stew

Green Chile Posole Stew

_MG_0055 bodes crew

Thanks to the crew at Bode’s Kitchen. You are all such good sports.





granolaI have a large glass canister I keep on my shelf in the kitchen that holds my homemade granola.  According to my family, it must never be empty.  I have tried many brands of granola that are sold in stores but never really enjoyed them enough to buy them again so I decided to make my own.  I researched other recipes in cookbooks and on the net and started experimenting.

The amazing thing about making granola is the amount of joy that it brings. Just assembling all the healthy ingredients feels good. The combination of colors and texture is soothing. The toasty caramel smell in the kitchen sends you back in time and makes your kitchen the coziest place on earth and the way everyone nearby dips into the cooling batch to have a taste. Whenever I need a mood change I make is right up there with pie making!

So keep in mind that the variations are endless.  I always start the same and then use what ever I have on hand.  It is easy to make but you do need to be available for around an hour or so.  I make it when I have small chores around the house and can set a timer just in case:)).

For the recipe, please go here.